Worst Stomach Flu Ever vs. Us

My Mom

We're losing. Big time. Are you sick of reading about our stomach flu? Me too. And I'm sick of living it. I'll be thrilled when we move beyond a diet of bland rice and bananas and don't look at mixing bowls as puke-catchers anymore. We are thankful that this hit us now as opposed to three weeks from now, when we're flying to California for a family vacation. Not to mention this is one of the biggest weeks ever in David's job. Ever. More on that later. But for now, we are waiting for Lily and Carver to come down with the Famous Flu of 2010, and buying more bananas.


Melodie Monberg said...

ugh...ugh...ugh...hope it passes without hitting the other two...it's been known to happen...I hope for your sake!

Vivi said...

Ick. No good. I hope it moves it's way through quickly and you can all be 100% in no time.

AnnMarie & Nick said...

Looking forward to reading about David's biggest week EVER... Don't leave me hanging too long:)

Bridget said...

Hoping it's done for you!! HOPING! Always great to have something fun to look forward to. CA sounds awesome!