Ski Trip
With a 3 day weekend on our hands, we drove to the slopes for a ski fiesta. It IS possible to ski on a budget, and this was the magic year for us. Zinabu can get a lift ticket for free (kids 6 and under--and this included a horribly awkward moment where the woman at the ticket counter asked us what year Z was born, and David and I froze. Like deer in the headlights. Cause when put on the spot we had no freakin' idea when he was born and we looked like the worst parents--or kidnappers, for all she knew--in the world.), and Carver can get a lift ticket for free (Colorado 5th graders ski free all year). Lily and David got coupon discounts. I was completely free because I stood at the bottom and made sure no one killed themselves. This was Zinabu's first time skiing, and I mostly helped him strap and unstrap his skis and snowboard. It was cold, but beautiful and exhilarating. Mostly, though, it's trips like these that sear themselves into our kids' memories and create those family moments they will always remember.

Carver was thrilled to be snowboarding again. He completed his first black diamond run and he could not have been more excited about it.

Zinabu was a superstar and gave snowboarding his best shot. The bindings were hard to get in and out of, so that frustrated him a bit. Still....

he was pretty good!

Lily and David coming down the hill.

Super dad. Literally! He kept everyone happy and did everything possible to make the trip perfect.

Lily on her skis. David and I talked that our kids ski just like their personalities. Carver is crazy and excited and wants speed and tricks. Lily is methodical and cautious and prefers not to stray too far from the "correct" posture or form.

What happens when you are supposed to stay in a room at the lodge but they didn't have enough beds for our family so they upgraded us--for free--to a cabin? You do a happy dance! (sorry it's so dark. i was using my camera.)

Gorgeous pine interior with a huge loft. Fireplace, fabulous kitchen and bathrooms, pine everywhere, and incredible amenities.

Our view.
We stayed at a hot springs and after skiing all day and being cold and tired, we all could not wait to soak in the hot springs. The pool has a temperature of 100 degrees, is outside, and because it was nighttime all the stars were out. It was such a blessing.
Day 2--Zinabu getting ready for his first time on the lift.
Does anyone prepare you for this? Your 6 year old and your 8 year old dangling from a little chair?
On the drive home. Refueling with greasy calories and warm comfort food. We're tired and SORE but my kids had an incredible weekend.


jayme said...

This is seriously awesome! I *so* want to take my kids skiing. Maybe next spring...

hotflawedmama said...

That sounds amazing! Doesn't help any that I've always wanted to live in Colorado.

Bridget said...

Where did you go, Cathy? We were in Winter Park all weekend....great time! I actually skied for the first time in 5 years. One word: Ouch.

Vivi said...


cathy said...

bridget--we were at monarch. and yes, we're saying a lot of "ouch" too.

Angie said...

Hi! My name is Angie i wanted to tell you that your family inspires me! Please read my blog post today as it explains more!

Chatter said...

That is so wonderful Cathy. Rub it in, rub it in! We had planned on hitting the Rockies but it's not going to happen after all. It sounds perfect in so many ways and what a great cabin (please email me their webpage if you could). Great pictures and beautiful memories! Chandra
p.s. In case I didn't stress it, I'm so very jealous.