Dear Stomach Flu,

Thank you so much for visiting our home. Really! When I think of all the families you could have stayed with, I feel so special that you chose us. I had no idea you could be such a party bug! Up all night, non-stop action. Whew. I also want to thank you for allowing me to spend so much time with the toilet in the laundry room. I guess I had always neglected it in the past, but when you kept me up all night I was able to really bond with that particular porcelain object. Somehow you knew it was feeling left out. You're one hard-core animal! I was afraid you'd send me to the hospital after all your influence. And thanks, also, for making sure David got in on all the action. I love that you made sure he was a part of your plans.

Your host,


Christina said...

Oh dear. I hope everyone feels better soon!

J-momma said...

yuk! we've had the goopy snuffy coughing colds here. it keeps cycling through over and over.

Chatter said...

Yuck! Thankfully we haven't been hit with the stomach bug - knock on wood. Hope you all get feeling better soon and you can go back to ignoring the laundry room toilet :).

Vivi said...

Ohhh noo...I was thinking you'd been awfully quiet lately. Sorry to hear it's because you've had an unexpected, not to mention unwanted, guest. Hope the riff raff leaves soon and you're feeling back to normal again.

Old Men Reflect said...

Dudette - I haven't hugged a bowl since the scotch flu got me a couple of decades ago. Sorry to hear it. I am sure the dog was there to lick your face.

Party bug, party bug, cool bowl hug.
Party bug, party bug, ugh, ugh, ugh.

Hope all is better.