It's Friday night so that means pizza. Tonight we went to a NY style pizzeria and it... was... heavenly. They toss the dough right there in front of a glass window. My kids looked like they were watching fireworks, they were so dazzled and amazed. The chef must have thought they were awfully cute because he gave each one a hunk of dough. It was great fun* watching my children toss dough up in the air in a restaurant and have it land on the floor but who cares because we're not eating it so just pick it up and keep going. Great fun. They even insisted on bringing it home to throw it around some more in our kitchen.

(*insert sarcastic tone)

Acts of kindness update: Feb. 4th I helped someone with a project they had going on at their house. Feb. 5th (today) I took the kids to a fun activity and when it came time to pay I gave the business owner a bit extra and told her to keep the change. She was flabbergasted. And it wasn't even that big of an amount. I told her to have a nice day and she gave me the most beautiful smile. So worth the extra money.


Melodie Monberg said...

do share where this pizza place is...my kids would love that...and with spring break being local only, we are going to need a few adventures around here!

Financially Numb said...

I still claim that I had by far the most fun at a job when I worked at Dominos way back in the day. I still love to make pizza from scratch just for the 30 second opportunity to throw a pizza dough in the air. Courtney keeps her mouth shut as I throw cron meal and flour all over the floor because she knows it brings me happiness. Maybe the next time I'm in town, I'll have a class... right in your kitchen!!

Mama Papaya said...

Your art of kindness challenge is just lovely.