Where is the time going? This weekend is the halfway point for February!

Acts of Kindness Update:
February 8th--I had to run to the store for something, and the weather was terrible. Freezing cold with lots of snow. When I got there the store was mostly empty and the cashier was obviously lonely. She wanted to talk... and talk... and talk. So I let her. Normally I would offer a smile and a quick, "Have a good day" and bolt out the door. But since I really was not in a hurry to get anywhere else, I just listened. I heard all about how cold she is standing at the cash register and about her grandchildren and about how she can't wait for her vacation to New Jersey.
February 9th--Offered to run an errand for a friend since she wasn't feeling well.
February 10th--A coworker of David's just got a referral for a little girl from Haiti. Several orphanages with children whose paperwork is all up to date are trying to get the kids out of the country and into adoptive families. The social worker who works with the orphanage reported that they are running out of food. Right now the babies get one bottle a day. One! They are begging for supplies. The social worker is making a trip to Haiti on Friday and is asking for formula donations. I did what all of you wold have done. Went straight out and bought formula.

Please, please, don't forget about Haiti.

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