That Sam-I-am!
That Sam-I-am!

Why do we live with my mom? This is why. Reading aloud to your Nana on a Sunday afternoon. Pure love between the two of them.

Acts of Kindness update:
February 6th: Forgiveness. Letting go of the ability to hold a grudge against someone. The most difficult but the most rewarding.
February 7th: Going to the grocery store, in the snow, and parking way, way out in the lot to save closer parking spaces for someone else. And helping little old ladies reach canned peaches off the top shelf. Definitely a bonus to my day.


Chatter said...

Such a cute picture. Your mom looks so cute Cathy! I'm sure my boys would love living with their g'ma!

Mark and Sarah said...

Sweet moment captured.

Old Men Reflect said...

As an act of kindness, I will not call David and start chanting: "Who Dat gonna beat dem saints? Who Dat?"
No I would never do that.

Vivi said...

Nanas are good for the soul. So is forgiveness.