True Confessions: We Have A Pink Bathroom

Our house was built in 1958--when bubble-gum pink and powder blue were all the rage in bathroom tiles. (Apparently no one slept in a Queen-sized bed, either, because we cannot get a box spring up our stairs... but I digress.) When we moved to Colorado, it was at the height of a seller's real estate market. There was so much competition for houses, especially in the neighborhood we wanted to live in, which was 2 blocks from the school where David was teaching. When we found out that the owners of this house were looking to sell, we pounced. It really didn't matter what the inside looked like: we wanted it!
It has been a great house, but, alas, the upstairs bathroom is very pink. Can you also see how small it it? All 5 of us share it. I, personally, think we deserve some kind of medal for that. Feel free to nominate me. The first few years we lived here, we invested our money in other house projects, and the pink bathroom stayed. We got used to it. It's quirkiness grew on us. Indeed, it became fun. It's also the place Carver and Lily were potty trained. It's the place I quickly learned that a certain un-circumcised Ethiopian should NOT stand to pee. It was the place to be for the Great Food Poisoning Epidemic of '02 and '07. It was a great place to stick the kids on a bad day--filling up the tub with bubbles and toys and letting them have at it. And it was the one room our realtor said, "Welllllllll......" (insert dramatic pause.)
Today there is a company coming that sprays an acrylic coating over tiles like ours and makes them look brand new and less appalling. Good bye, my pink friend. You've been good to us.


hotflawedmama said...

oh so sad. i like rooms with character. and you do deserve a medal. i share a rather large bathroom with just my husband and sometimes the walls close in on me.

oh and "amen" to the Ethiopian deal.

Anonymous said...

As another family of five sharing one bathroom comrade, I would LOVE to see the "after" pictures (our 1980's brown tile is not as charming as the pink - I will not embrace it and am hoping to use the service you are to remedy the situation!).

Good luck selling - with all the hard work you've done, I bet it will go quickly! Blessings, Jennifer Scott

Vivi said...

Ok, I actually like the vintage pink bathroom, but I understand your need to update it. I can't wait to see the pics after it gets it's makeover.

Consider yourself nominated.