10 years since Columbine.

Uncle Jim, Aunt M, C, K, and K. I love you.


Courtney Orrange said...

i remember like it was yesterday. Today I'll pray for everyone impacted.

Vivi said...

I didn't realize today (?) was the actual anniversary. Boy, must seem surreal to those who lost loved ones. While not directly affected, my aunt lives 1 block from Columbine and, naturally, was very shaken by it. I can't imagine what it's like for the people that have lived with the memory of that day all these years. Thanks for the reminder.

Old Men Reflect said...

Thank you. I could not go to the ceremony, I am not that strong.

We had dinner with the Townsend family and their extended family of friends.

When you think of strength and love, think of Sue and Rick Townsend.