Today our realtor is coming over at 4:00 to walk through the house and discuss listing price and our schedule for the next 3 weeks before the house goes on the market. Our "realtor" is a real realtor, but she's also my friend Sue. David had wanted to interview several realtors and pick one, but I told him that because I would be the one who had the most contact with the person selling our house, I wanted it to be someone I like. A lot! And I like Sue. She has 2 young boys who go to school with Carver and Lily. She's funny and sweet and she's very, very cool. She wears high heels all the time. How could she not be cool?

At my mom's house, the renovation is moving along great. There are 3 main projects: new kitchen, 2 new bedrooms in the unfinished part of the basement, and tearing off a sunroom and building an office/guest room in its place. All the other projects are smaller in scale and are more cosmetic. Well, the boys' bedrooms are framed in! We love to go down to the basement and stand in their rooms and imagine what they will look like when finished. The sunroom was demolished yesterday. It is completely gone. They will lay the new foundation today or Monday, and they can start building after that. And the kitchen--well, it's going to be worked on in about 10 days. The cabinets are going to be delivered next week. I picked the counter tops. Tomorrow I just need to pick a sink and decide on a back splash so it can all come together. I took some "before" pictures and I can't wait to post them with the "after" photos.

The kids are doing well. We've been virus free for 10 days. Wooo hooo! Please, please, please let that be the last of it. I can hardly believe it, but it is time to start planning summer activities. Our area offers a wide variety of day camps and I need to sign the kids up for something to do. Since we really aren't going on a vacation this summer, I want the kids to have some fun memories. I found out that our zoo offers multiple day camps, and Lily is enthralled. She said to me, "I hope that they can shoot the lions with darts and make them fall asleep, and then I can go in and lay down with them and pet them." I don't think that's going to happen, but I love her grandiose dreams.

So a little more painting, a little more packing, a lot of cleaning, and we're going to get this house ready to sell!


Vivi said...

Wow - you are bizaaay! I'm excited to see your before/after pics.

Lily's lion comment cracked me up. Anna has said that same thing, just about verbatim. Zoo classes...great idea.

Chatter said...

Wow. Your realtor sounds TONS better than our realtor. He had it listed for 6 months and NEVER called us. I won't bore you with the details. It's now a rental home.

Good luck getting everything ready these next 3 weeks. And have fun picking the summer activities. Lily's ideas are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Your daddy would be thrilled with all the work being done. I feel him peeking over our shoulders and smiling. This house was made for family. Ours. Love, Set Ayat

Old Men Reflect said...

When am I invited for a sleepover?