I have never had spring allergies before. I can only assume the universe is trying to punish me because I am suffering big time! This morning, David said to me, "What's wrong with your eyes?" They're puffy and red and watery and on fire. I can' t breathe through my poor nose, and you really don't want to be near me when I do my one hundred sneezes per day. Allergy medicine has not helped at all. What is up?

We are T-minus 15 days until the house goes on the market. I have only one more room to paint, and then some odds and ends to tidy up. Next Thursday, though, the photographer comes to take the house photos--so I really need to have everything ready spot-on in 7 days. That's a good thing. I'm ready. Let's just get this done!

David took yesterday off from work so we could do a day's worth of yard work--and it really paid off. Things are greening up around here, and we have an amazing back yard that could really help sell the house.

The other night David took the kids on a hike. We are 1 mile from an open space with lots of hiking and mountain biking trails. When we move to my mom's house, the open space will be in our back yard. But one of our favorite family activities is to go pick a trail and hike for an hour. The kids always have fun. I mean always. David took this photo at mid-hike:

Our bathroom is finished and other than the fact that it is a very boring khaki color, the tiles look amazing. It was not a cheap process, but it was fast and has that "instant" improvement feel. Now I get to spend the next month screaming, "Don't touch the tiles."


Vivi said...

I think you're really grumpy because you're bored.

Oh wait.

Allergies.suck.Not much more to say than that.

Hiking - love it. Jealous that, at a maximum, is 1 mile away. Love that your kids love it. Love the pic of the 3 of them.

Bathroom. Looks awesome. Nicely done.

Bekka-Reeeeeeee said...

Bathroom redo!?!?!? It looks fantastic and I'm curious what you did to "cover" the pink tiles? Did you replace the tiles?

Old Men Reflect said...

I kinda like pink

melodie monberg said...

I really like the tile...my mother in law needs to do that to her bathrooms! smile

hotflawedmama said...

Oh that's terrible. I'd say go to the doc and demand Singulair, it's the only thing that works for my eldest.

Loving the renovations.

If you show a picture of your red, swollen ants, you'll get a picture of my ant parade.

Kari said...

The bathroom looks good, but your family looks fabulous!!

Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well too.