This, That, and Everything

Call the furnace guy: check
Call the bathroom repair guy: check
Make doctor appts. for me and Zinabu: check
Made dentist appt.: check
Pick out new sink: check
Pick out plumbing fixtures: check
Pick out back splash tile: check
Pick out new floor for Lily's room: check
Call Dell customer service about glitch in laptop: check
Wait around all morning for furnace guy to come: check
Fix computer: check
Look over paperwork from realtor: check

Pick out carpet: not yet
Paint office: not yet
Reseal grout in bathroom: not yet
Clean windows: not even close
Yard work: as soon as it quits snowing
Get my physical on Thurs: can't wait
Have filling replaced at dentist on Friday: ooooooh, lovely
Kindergarten registration paperwork: what????
Take Carver to appointment this afternoon: can't forget
Clean carpets: someday
Registration for summer day camps before they fill up: in my dreams

And that's just today. So it's a good thing that there are only 100 days until the next Harry Potter movie comes out. I have something to look forward to after days like this.


hotflawedmama said...

100 days. Woot Woot! So stinkin' excited.

And wow does that list look long! I'm exhausted just reading it. Go get 'em!

Vivi said...

Seriously? You need a clone, my friend. That is an impossible list.

J-momma said...

hmm...now i don't feel so bad about my life. lol. can't wait till new Harry Potter either. maybe i'll start counting down. hubby promised me that would be our next movie in the theatre no matter what!