For Sale and Blue Poop

I'll get to the blue poop, 'cause I know that caught your eye. It's crunch time here on the home front! The For Sale sign is in, we are having open houses on Saturday AND Sunday (anyone want a displaced family from 2 to 5 this weekend?), and the marathon will begin, in a matter of speaking, on Friday. Whew! Finally. That's how I feel... finally! Now all we need is a buyer.

I have not found my brain yet. It is so far gone it's not even funny. Did you know that Baskin Robbins is having 31 cent scoops on Wednesday the 29th? They sure are. And did you also know that I thought today was Wednesday? Yep! I sure did. So we went to Baskin Robbins and drove the poor teenage boy behind the counter bonkers as it took us about 200 taste samples before my kids could decide. Well, the moment of horror occurred when he rang us up at the register and instead of the $1.50 I was expecting to pay it was $10. CRAP! Tomorrow is Wednesday.

Zinabu picked Pop Rock ice cream, which is a hideous neon green and purple. We have had experience with this particular flavor before. Lily tried it back in 2007. Two days after she ate it her poop was bright blue. She called me to the bathroom and I took one look at it and almost called 9-1-1. All I could figure was that we had radon in our basement or she had come in contact with a nuclear reactor. At some point I put two and two together and remembered the ice cream. I warned Zianbu that this could happen to him, and you'd have thought I told him Christmas was coming early. That kid has thrill issues.


Chatter said...

Once again, your kids crack me up!! You have the best stories ever Cathy. Oh and please don't let my road trip scare you. Your kids are older and will do wonderful on the road trip to MN. I want to meet you guys so bad! Please come!

p.s. good luck with getting the house sold.

Anne said...

Totally feel for you -- house buying and selling is such STRESS. Very best of luck!!!!

Zinabu and the blue poop is hilarious. Please update as things, er, develop!

Vivi said...

Argh...don't you love those $0.31 mistakes that cost you $10 and a piece of humble pie?

Good luck with the finishing touches on the house. We'll pray just the right buyer comes along sooner rather than later!

Blue poo...if we heard about that at our house, we'd be BEGGING to go get some Pop Rock ice cream.

Courtney Orrange said...

he is so freakin funny.
and thanks for the tip on baskin robbins, there is now ice cream in my future tonight.. woohoo!

Bridget said...

Ha! Made me laugh out loud, and I needed it! :) Our house when on the market last Friday. All I can see is, Good God, it's EXHAUSTING. I only have ONE child and trying to keep the house looking "show ready" every hour of every day is INSANE. We've had 10 showings so far, though, which has been great....I just hope we find *the one*. And soon.