Okay, I know I am slightly biased, but darn it! Aren't they cute?
Carver spent the last 24 hours shouting "Expelliamus!" at everyone--so much so that the batteries in his magic wand quit working right before he left to go trick or treating. Zinabu, as you can see, opted for the Green Power Ranger costume, which is starting to get a little grungy as he's been wearing it for 4 days straight! Lily, bless her heart, made her own costume and is a "worker at a bug museum"--in her own words.

My mom, brother, and sister-in-law came over for pizza while the kids jumped around with ants in their pants, waiting for it to get dark outside. I hope your candy-filled Friday was extra sweet!

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Mrs. Baker said...


I love the costumes! I really love Lily's brades as well!

PS: I hope you guys will think about coming to the Blog Union!

Happy Halloween!