Let's Hit The Pool!

Okay, so there are benefits to being married to an assistant principal of a high school. We have access to the pool! The kids had a fabulous time--especially because they had it all to themselves. I cannot believe we are at the point that the kids can be in the pool without me! And I was hardly even nervous--just mildly. Zinabu can even jump off the diving board with his swimming vest on. He loved it.
Despite all my moaning and groaning (thanks for listening) this weekend turned out to be fantastic. My back is better! Hooray. I woke up this morning and did an easy run and felt great. Woo hoo!!!! We also got to scream our lungs out at a college hockey game (thank you, thank you, Uncle Jim!) and play outside and hike because the weather was so beautiful. So I didn't get to run my race, but I have my health, my family, and I even got to sit next to a sweet friend in church this morning. I am so blessed.
New topic: Did you know that Colorado is a swing state for the election? Do you know that if I see one more political ad I will vomit? We are inundated with attack ads and snippy half truths from both sides. How many more days until the election? It can't come fast enough.
Oh, and here's a question for you. What do you do when your 4-year-old knocks over the (school-owned) bass and breaks it?
I'll leave you with that.

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Super glue and prayer