Things To Do!

There are a few reasons why I love these photos. First, they're completely unrealistic because the woman is smiling in every scene. She looks darling, sure, but that is so not true to life. Second, I am putting this woman's age at 21, so she has not hit the wall yet of doing the same chores day after day, suddenly realizing it will be like this forever. I wish there was an image of her when that reality flashes across her mind.
One thing you should know about me is that I hate being busy. Some people thrive off of a long to-do list and get energy from places to go and things to do. I am {not} one of those people. There are always chores to do, but on top of that it seems like my to-do list gets longer. This week has become crazy busy and I found myself writing a list of things to do that could only come from having three children, two of which are in elementary school. Here is a brief look at today:
1. Wake up
2. Make breakfast
3. Pack lunches
4. Shower(oops, no time to shower)
5. Get kids to school
6. Work at school book fair for three hours
7. Get Z from preschool
8. Eat lunch with Z and clean up breakfast dishes
9. Go to the thrift store to find accessories for Halloween costumes
10. Pay for one Harry Potter robe, one khaki vest for a zookeeper, one green Power Ranger costume.
11. Stop by Target to get this and that
12. Go to Hobby Lobby for supplies for Lily's class to decorate their puppets
14. Stop by Obama campaign office to replace yard signs stolen from our yard
15. Get Lily from school
16. Make doctor's appointment for Lily. Attempt to use cell phone!
17. Play at the playground and chat with the moms
18. Wait for choir to finish and get Carver
19. Make pumpkin pie for 4th grade harvest party tomorrow
19 1/2. Make cornbread for 4th grade harvest party tomorrow
20. Help with homework
21. What? Is it almost 5:00? MAKE DINNER!!!
22. Kiss hubby when he comes home
23. Dash to Bible Study
24. Come home and finish jewelry orders
25. Get ready to do it all again tomorrow!


Julie said...

Holy Crap! I'm tired just reading this.

Stacy said...

whew ...

Mark and Sarah said...

I hope this is an unusual day...whew, I was exhausted before I got to #10!

Cindy said...

Oh I know very well what those kinds of days are like! My "to do" lists are just as long, but with different stuff. Since we homeschool, most of our activities are at home, but still very busy. And, I finally figured out the shower thing. I shower late at night now, just before bed, because it's the ONLY time of day I can get it in!
Just remember, much of what a mother does goes unseen by everyone around her - but dont let that discourage you - God sees it all! You are pooring yourself into the lives of your children and to me, that is the highest possible calling a woman can have!
Blessings to you today as you continue to care for your beautiful family!

Old Men Reflect said...

forgot the following:
1)restroom breaks
2)playing arbitrator on disputed behavior and ownership of things
3)herding children towards baths at night
4)reading (no time?)

Heather & Adam said...

Aaaand on behalf of this post, I am going to bed!!

Deirdre said...

I'm pretty sure illustrators in those were all men. At least the one who did this one must have been.