Diana, Disappointment, Distress

Our weekend with Diana was {wonderful}. Sorry Shannon! I have no photos! I am a complete loser in the picture department, but look at the previous posts to find some lovely photographs from Zinabu. Does that help?

It was cold while Diana was here, but that didn't stop us from enjoying every minute with her. She does the nicest things for the kids, like leave them rolls of wintergreen Breath Savers in their backpacks to discover after she'd left. We miss her so much already.

I officially cancelled my hotel reservation in Denver for the half-marathon. I knew last week I would not be able to run my race, but I had toyed around with the idea of keeping the hotel room for myself or to bring Lily with me for a girl's weekend away.

Then I got the idea to cancel the hotel, take the refund, (David, don't read this part) and spend a day at Anthropologie buying all kinds of goodies for retail therapy.

A sweater like this...

Bask in the environment of this...

and buy all new plates and cups in orange! Like this!!!!

But I am finally admitting to myself that I can't sit in a car for that long, and it takes an hour to get to Denver. My back is better, but I think I just need to spend the weekend resting. People keep asking me, "Why isn't your back better?" or "Why aren't you resting?" and I look at them with a raised eyebrow and say, "Have you met Carver, Lily, and Zinabu? My three kids? Yeah, they're the reason I'm not resting." Life does not stop, and while I've tried to take care of myself, there's only so much you can do. So I truly believe that if I can lie down all weekend and not sit in a chair (that's what hurts the most) I might just get better.

Then, just maybe, I can think about running again. I miss it.


Melodie Monberg said...

Read your blog through Mrs. B's blog. Hang in there. Loved your honesty!

I was supposed to do Grandma's marathon in June, stress fracture and LOTS of disappointment...There are some great races out here in Colorado! Come on down to the Springs!


Melodie Monberg said...

If you ever want to run, I love the trails around here. My email is:



(I learned that nifty little trick from a fellow blogger so none of those pesky little email stealers get my address!)

PS We attend Vanguard Church.

Shannon said...

aawwwwwww...and i was checking for those pictures tooo!! :)

hmmmm...maybe those pictures by Z would qualify as "abstract art"...we get a bit of that around my house too, only NOT with the camera (it's not mine, so i'm especially diligent about them not putting even one teensy finger on it...)

and (don't read this, unca david) i'd go shopping too. i don't get much of that unless it's for groceries, so i'd go shopping. (big cheesy grin!) that is, of course, after said wounded back is healed. no need to go undoing all the healing that has already gone on just to indulge in some "retail therapy". :)

Heather & Adam said...

I am so sorry that you are not feeling better. Order all those goodies online. I hope it goes away soon!