Last year--Z's first Halloween--we had a running joke that Zinabu must have thought America was the best place in the world. You dress up, ring doorbells, and people give you candy. Jackpot! This year Zinabu is torn between being Spiderman or the Green Power Ranger. He's been sleeping in the Spiderman costume but wearing the Green Power Ranger costume during the day. I'm curious to see what he eventually decides.

The only child in the family that would touch the pumpkin guts. She rocks!

Playing with knives, er... carving a pumpkin, I mean.

A portion of the leaves found in every one's clothes, hair, socks, shoes, underwear, and ears after a great day of rolling around in them.

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Courtney Orrange said...

Sam wouldn't touch the pumpkin guts either. I grabbed a bunch out of the pumpkin and forced him to touch it... he stuck out one little finger..... " see! how did that feel".... "bad".
guess the girls will de-gut the pumpkins around here!