I Surrender

I have joined the ranks of cell-phone owners. It is official. As you can see in the photo, I am the new owner of one of those devices that is supposed to make my life easier--but I'm not buying it. We're dropping our land line, and as far as I'm concerned the phone will just sit on the kitchen counter 98% of the time.

I confess it is nice to take it with me in the car in case I have a flat tire or am attacked by a vampire. It is also good to know that the school can get in touch with me if one of the kids gets sick. But since I'm always at the school volunteering, I'm not that hard to track down. Those are the only two redeeming values the phone has, though.

The first time I used the phone, we went to Carver and Lily's cross country meet and we were meeting David there. I spotted him walking toward us and I couldn't resist calling him and saying, "Here we are! See us? We're waving at you!" when he was only 8 feet from us. I hate when people do that, and David knows it, so he burst out laughing. Aren't I a bundle of fun?


Tiny's Mom said...

Welcome to the 21st century ;)
Before ya know it you'll be texting and checking facebook a thousand times a day from that thing!

Mrs. Baker said...

Your like a real fashion Carrie Bradshaw....

I love it.

Welcome to the world of cell...be careful or the blackberry may come calling!

Chatter said...

I've had one for 4 years. The only purpose it serves is talking on it. Thankfully I haven't been sucked in too deep. I'm not sure mine is even capable of connecting to the internet. There are plenty of days though I know my life would be simpler without it. It's hard not to answer when one of my siblings call.