If you haven't already, do it! VOTE!!!! If you have kids, take them with you. Show them how the process works. Tell them why you are voting for the candidate of your choice. Take pleasure in the fact that you have this right. Be thankful for the people that came before you and fought for it. Rejoice that in 1965 Jim Crow laws were finally made unlawful--and my children have the right to vote when they are 18.

We opted not to vote early. We are making a big deal out of November 4th. David and I will meet at our precinct's polling place after he's done with work. The kids will be with us, and we will gladly stand in line for however long it takes. We will be taking lots of photos, too, documenting the occasion. I can barely breathe for daring to hope that the candidate of my choice will win. It's been 8 years, you know! After we vote, we will come home and watch the election coverage. We plan to let the kids stay up as late as they want and cheer for Obama. And if the first black man is elected president on Tuesday night, I can guarantee you will hear us screaming for joy no matter how many miles you live from us!


Stacy said...

wooo hooo ... we are doing the same 'cept we are heading over as soon as we wake up (well, if it's like a normal day, we'll have to wait for the polls to open). Lucy and I have been talking about it for weeks. After work/school we'll be cheerleading for the man. OHHHH here's to hoping our cheers meet your cheers somewhere in between Denver and Mpls

Courtney Orrange said...

thanks for the encouragement. Yesterday I was dreading waiting in line with my kids. I read your post and I printed out pics of the candidates and started telling my kids all about it. Today we walked to the polling booth together and I told them how great it was that we got to vote b/c at one point women couldn't vote and black people couldn't vote. Today we both can. That's awesome. It was good to have them involved regardless of their limited understanding.