Election Day!

I told you I would take photos. Here we are on the way to our voting precinct. It was about 3:45 in the afternoon, and David left work early to meet us there.

Vote? What vote? Lily is just happy to have the front seat.

Outside our polling place. Z striking a hip-hop pose.

Right before entering the building. Happy faces despite the fact that we'd just lectured them on good manners while waiting in line and while David and I voted. SO many people voted early in our county, there was no line at all to vote. I was pleasantly surprised!

After voting! See our stickers?

Dinner in the basement, in front of the TV while we watched the beginning numbers trickle in.

The media at this point was scrambling to report the numbers coming in. So much to report, we had pollster.com and were flipping back and forth between news channels to see who was reporting what. Two minutes after this picture was taken, the media called Ohio for Obama. And that might have tipped the scales...
And I am now crying for joy!


jayme said...

We Did It!!!

I have spent the entire day cycling between extreme excitement and tears at just how momentous this moment in time actually is. I feel so privileged to have been a part of it.

I love the pictures of you guys voting. You have such a lovely family.

Old Men Reflect said...

We can now all exhale and smile again. There is hope in America, and the rest of the world feels a little more comfortable.

Christina said...

Yes we did!!!!!!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!