Someone Had A Good Birthday!

Zinabu was thrilled with his cake, his presents, and all the love he received last Friday. He was slightly disappointed when he learned we were not giving him a huge bash at Chuck E Cheese with 100 guests, but he got over it.

Life around here is good. Carver had a cold last week, and Lily has it today. She gets to stay home from school and hang out with me. The kids are very excited for Thanksgiving break next week, and I am too. I love Thanksgiving! I think last year I posted a rant and rave that Thanksgiving is now the forgotten holiday and that I, for one, was not going to stand for our country celebrating Halloween and moving right on to Christmas. I might have overdone it with my enthusiasm, though, because anytime we walk into a store and encounter Christmas decorations my kids yell, "Boooooooo! Too early!"

This weekend we are meeting with the contractor we've decided to hire to go over price (gulp), timeline, and other details. Does anyone else besides me have a very hard time justifying the price of all new kitchen cabinets when the ones already in the house are perfectly functional?

Somehow we are surviving David's PhD classes. I don't know how, but we are.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.


Chatter said...

Z looks so much older in this picture. How can it be? He's only 5. Slow down Z!

Hope Lily feels better soon and you girls have a fabulous day together :)

Mark and Sarah said...

He does look so much older in that photo. Lily looks like such a great older sis. Lucky guy.

So has your brood moved already? Hope the meeting with the contractor goes much better than you expect. We're in the midst of a DIY home addition...you'll be glad you had a contractor :)

mdl said...

First, I am a "lurker"...reading all I can as we wait for our adopted one from Ethiopia!
Thank you so much for having a great blog!
Was wondering how I could give you a tip re: your cabinets without "advertising"
I just want you to know that if your cabinets really are perfectly functional, then you can save a lot of money by having them repainted to look exactly like whatever new cabinets you were going to choose for a LOT cheaper!
Best wishes whatever you decide~

Melodie Monberg said...

There is a great store downtown (the Habitat for Humanity store) that takes donations of household items and resells them, using the money for their homes. That sounds like a great compromise to me!

Good luck with that kitchen!