Weird Things I've Said This Week!

1. Can you please put on some underwear before you sit down to eat your lunch?
2. What animal did we just run over?
3. I don't know how to say "delicious" in Greek. Sorry.
4. I don't think you should eat 5 pancakes.
5. How about we have candy after breakfast.
6. I don't know why the Wiggles are singing about that, I just DON'T!
7. If you can't settle down, I will make you run laps around the house.
8. Are you sure the rabbit did it?
9. What do you mean you have a book report?
10. Kids in Ethiopia probably don't cheer for the Minnesota Vikings.


Mama Papaya said...

A humbling top 10, brought to you by motherhood. Thanks for the giggles. :)

Christina said...

I've been having a craptastic day, and this really made me laugh. Thanks!

Chatter said...

Ahh...a top 10. Maybe I should do one of these. Since mine are so much younger it would be quite different.
For example
"no you can't wipe your own butt". (to my son, not hubby)

hotflawedmama said...

that is hilarious. especially like the underwear one. what is up with wiping their bare butts everywhere?