What do you get when you cross 3 children who are hungry, one exhausted woman, 2 stuffy noses, nothing for dinner, and the grocery store? A really bad idea, that's for sure. At one point my child pushing the cart actually hit a little old woman!!!! I wanted to die of embarrassment. Then we get to the checkout where Zinabu was convinced we needed the M&Ms at his eye level and Lily felt I was giving Z too much attention and Carver wanted to "help" type in my info on the credit card pad... Then they all started arguing and crying and sneering and (be still my heart) tattling! I was one of those women who looked like she had no control over her kids (well, let's face it--I didn't) and the older gentleman in line behind me could not have been more displeased with my parenting skills. Just about the time I think I have this mothering thing figured out, right after a really good weekend when I was able to connect with each of my kiddos, this grocery expedition throws it all out the window and I feel so crummy. I keep clinging to what my mom tells me... that they won't remember this when they're older. Please let that be true.


Deirdre said...

Cathy, I had that exact experience today! (Okay, I only had one-third of your experience, but still.) Full-blown tantrum in the grocery store, leaving me feeling completely frazzled and incompetent—and also after a good mothering weekend. Sometimes I look back on how I mis-mother and wonder what form it will take in 18 years on a therapist's couch. I hope your mom is right too!

Jim Casperson said...

Suggestion from an old man: Fuggit about it.

Just another day of being a parent. Why was San Antonio so fun? (They weren't there)

Love ya

Chatter said...

Ahhh frazzled mom moments. Aren't they fun? Hope spring comes quickly although it doesn't look good. I talked to my sibs in Colorado and both of them were getting dumped on (Nederland and Loveland). Hope the kids get feeling better. There are some NASTY bugs out there.