Someone Dropped The "B" Bomb

I knew it would happen... someday. "I wish I lived with my birth mother!"

Said this afternoon by a child in utter exasperation, after a long conversation about computer time and computer privileges. It came out as child was stomping up the stairs. And for all my fears about that phrase, it didn't ruffle my feathers at all. Given the circumstances leading up to the blowout, it was said in total frustration and was really no different than saying, "I want to live with Grandma" or "I want to live somewhere else." Because certainly we are the only house in the universe with rules about the computer. Every other kid in the world gets to stare endlessly at inappropriate games on the screen while drinking straight Coca-Cola and shoving candy in their mouths. Why do my children continue to believe the lie that we are the only parents who have rules? Who is feeding them this propaganda?

Of course I refrained from saying, "Go ahead!" because that would not be a good mothering moment. Right now I am letting the child cool off, and we will talk about it later. But secretly I am glad to have that phrase out of the closet and in the open, and I don't have to worry about "someday" anymore.


James said...

You can always threaten them with Aunt Maureen.

Heather & Adam said...

Wait, we aren't supposed to let them do that??! Errrr....
I hope that WHEN my day comes, I handle it as cooly as you did. You're a rock star mom. See, the vacay did you good.
What's up with Aunt Maureen??

cathy said...

Ah yes... my sweet Aunt Marueen. Probably the funniest mom in the universe. The stories she can tell you will curl your toes!

Orrange said...

glad it didn't hurt as bad as you thought it might... you're right... I think we've all told our parents that we want to live somewhere else... and our parents probably wanted us to live somewhere else at that moment too :)

i LOVE the new look to your blog!

Chatter said...

You handled it well Cathy! I am glad it didn't sting as bad as you thought and you're right - it's no different then all the places we told our parents we wanted to live.