Waiting for Spring

It just does not seem to want to come. Spring, that is. I keep waiting, shaking the lucky 8 ball, praying, hoping, looking--but alas, spring is taking its sweet time arriving. The blessed part about Colorado is mild winters and warm days that come between snow storms. But then there is the downside--the expectation that it should be warmer than it is. I so desire warm afternoons, but so far all we've had is cool, windy afternoons. Snow and rain expected this week, and 2 of my kids have colds again. It feels like January! The photo is of the tree in our backyard--looking as bare as ever. C'mon spring! Where are you?
What do you do to keep from going nuts at this time?

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Orrange said...

uh, apparently i decide that since we'll be indoors I should toilet train my son. Clearly a sign of insanity!