How Does The World View Our Upcoming Election?
I have sweet (and I mean sweet--there is no one like them) friends living in Jordan right now. They recently posted this on their blog. Very interesting. If I don't read about what's going on in other parts of the world, my universe gets about this small. I too easily focus on my own issues and lose sight of a larger perspective. Granted, the current infractions in this house that Zinabu is annoying and looks at his sister wrong is edge-of-your-seat exciting, and I can't wait to find out who The Biggest Loser is next Tuesday night... but still, I need to stay relevant.
In other news, it rained this afternoon and rather than spend the after-school hours at home I took the kids to an indoor put-put golf place. I could have offered my kids some of my airplane meds and we would have had the same experience, because this place was lit with black lights and painted in day-glo paint. By the end of our hour there, my kids were sneaking peeks down their pants to see if their underwear glowed in the black lights and I felt like my eyes were going to explode. Lily quickly informed me she wants her birthday party there so there is a good chance I will be back in a few weeks, watching kids whack glowing golf balls around. I bet you can't wait for photos.

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