Oh Yeah... This Is Why I Like Being A Mom!

Today was like the perfect storm: balmy weather in the 70's, a welcome lull in my jewelry orders, a stocked refrigerator, and no errands to run. Z and I walked to the park where we just played and laughed and had a picnic together. It seems like forever since I've had a day like this with him and I had a blast. It renewed my soul and gave me hope that summer really will come this year and that being a mom is not so bad.


Chatter said...

That's wonderful!! There's something to be said for a warm, sunny day. It does wonders for the soul. I had a wonderful Monday as well. It's been a while and I loved every moment. Well almost every second...

Z is darn cute!! Love the one of the two of you!

M & M said...

I love your jewelry - I'm going to order the one "Mr Darcy" for my college aged daughter with whom I share a fun giggle over Mr. Darcy.
Z is adorable - enjoy the lovely weather and the lull...my guess is the lull won't last!
~Meghan (fellow chsfs'er and one who appreciated your PM the other day!)