An Update
Here's a quick look at what we've been up to this week.
Lily at her volleyball game.
Zinabu and Carver trying to "build the Grand Canyon." Their words. Not mine. Please
note how nice I am that I let them run the water and make mud and get everything messy.

Carver assisting Lily with her school's Crazy Hair Day. Want to know what he's listening to?
An audiobook. That's right, baby. Nothing says "crazy" like a little bit of literature.

Part Chia Pet, part Dennis Rodman.

The bears are back. Note mama bear at the bottom while brothers are in the tree, attacking
our bird feeder.

Mama bear on the back porch. She took her sweet time and acted like she owned the place.
I might have been shaking while I took this picture. She's kinda fuzzy.

The Department of Wildlife is trying their darnedest (with tranquilizer guns and all) to capture these bears and relocate them back in the mountains. They are so, so not supposed to be in our neighborhood. It would be nice if it happened sooner than later. I'm afraid to let the dog go pee for fear of an attack.

You know. Just your average, everyday little problem.


Vivi said...

I'm loving this series of pictures...
-yes, you're a very nice mom for letting water run to make a Grand Canyon. Also noted, shorts.
-love that Z listens to audio books
-Crazy hair day is a big hit around here too. Chuckled aloud at the Dennis Rodman...he looks like a mini-version!
-Bears again! Y.I.K.E.S.

Chatter said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Those are some crazy pictures of the bears. Wow.

The other photos and stories are great but how in the world am I to focus on anything but the bears???