I had a great post written in my mind, and I was all set to add a few photos and talk about some of the fun things we did this weekend. Instead, I'm going to be real with how I feel today.

I am completely wiped out.

We're really struggling with one of our kids right now. Someone is having a tough time with life in general. So much so that we're seeing a therapist. I hate watching this child suffer and I hate that they have big issues to work through. I hate that said issues are pretty much controlling them and they can't see past them.

I guess I don't ever want you to think that life is just hunky-dory here and we never have any problems. That is so not the case. I also don't ever want anyone to believe that therapy is a big scary world that should be avoided. Please don't think that. Some kids see a counselor/therapist for nightmares. Others when they have a difficult time in school. Sometimes for divorce, or death of a family member, or self-esteem issues. If your kiddo ever begins to struggle at all, feel free to contact me and ask me about the steps we took. It is hard to get to the place where you say, "I don't think my parenting alone will fix this." But it is also liberating. Because you hand the problem over to someone else--someone with experience--and you let them come alongside you to help.

It's a relief.


hotflawedmama said...

Hugs to all of you. So happy you're finding great help for you and your sweet babe. Prayers for all!

Mark and Sarah said...

I love therapy!!! I wish there wasn't such stigma around it. Everyone has "issues", and I do think that absolutely everyone would benefit from a therapist, even if just for their annual checkup. Thinking of you as you navigate your babe's struggles. Has anyone told you recently that you're such a good mom? If not, consider it done :)

rebekah said...

It IS a relief! I've been saying that. Just to have someone to carry the stress with us is wonderful.

Chatter said...

Sorry you have heavy shoulders right now Cathy. May it soon pass for you & your sweet kiddo! And I'm not referring to the therapy, just the stress!
love to all,

Rachel said...

Watching your child struggle is the hardest. thing. ever. I hope you and your therapist are able to find some relief for him or her soon. Thanks for keeping it real.

Stacy said...

we too. were there tonight. so exhausted.

Anonymous said...

Reality is the best way to go. When I faced the most difficult years of my life, I often had to send my single mama self to my room in order to get on my face and cry out to God for wisdom! During which time, I also had to ask Him to keep the two small terrifying objects from destroying the house while I was in getting some help from Him!
You will make it - and so will the child - God is such a capable God!
-Your niece, Kate