This Is Progress?

This "theory" that so many Americans have clung to over the last two years--that Obama was born somewhere outside of the United States--has finally come to a head. Donald Trump thinks he's the superhero in this scenario, but really he's just the talking head for the masses across the country who share his view. The belief that is discussed in kitchens and living rooms, slapped on bumper stickers, snapped up by journalists, included in jokes, taught to children, truly believed by so, so many. And what is at the root? Why would it not be enough to take our President at his word, or believe in the election process to be fair and just, or believe the officials in Hawaii, or believe the short birth certificate? Why is all that not enough? I'll tell you why. Because Obama is black.  (I think his middle name has something to do with it too, but that's beside the point.) Our president is black and has a rich, cultural heritage and that pisses people off.

And where is progress? Where is the progress I dreamed of? Not in the bigots who demanded the "long" birth certificate. Not in the news media who keep hounding this stupid story to death. Sadly, not even in President Obama. I am horrified that he succumbed to the pressure. I'm shocked he felt the need to produce more evidence of his birth. I feel betrayed that he caved in to the demands of a bunch of morons. He claims it was to put the issue to rest once and for all, but does he really think this will go away? It won't. He could create a time machine and invite all the skeptics to travel back in time and witness his birth in a Hawaii hospital, and they would still find ways to refute the evidence.

It's a sad day for me. Progress just got tossed out the window.


hotflawedmama said...

amen. Ugh. Still more upset about the crazy people who demanded it than Obama but still...

Old Men Reflect said...

Hatred and ignorance go hand and hand.