Track and Other Matters

If I had to pick one photo to best represent the personality of Carver, this could certainly be the one. The picture itself is terrible, but I was able to capture Carver's heart. He's such a helper. Such a do-er. Such a go-getter. He had his first track meet last week, and he ran the hurdles and the last leg of a relay. He loved it. The practices are hard, but the meets are the big payoff. I love his coaches because their philosophy is to just get the boys out there, trying new things. They won't use the strongest or the fastest for the events. They use whoever is willing and wants to give it a go. Love, love, love!

So it was toward the end of the meet that Carver picked a spot by the sidelines and cheered on the final runners. Then he helped put away the hurdles. The only kid, by the way, to help put away the hurdles. I wish I could say that this is a reflection of my amazing parenting skills, but it's not. This is pure Carver. He was born this way. This is his personality.

Our weekend was full of fun stuff. Lily's volleyball and church and errands and roller skating. David took the boys to the high school robotics competition. I know what you're thinking. Geek fest, right? Well, there was some of that... but mostly it was like a huge party with different teams competing for top points. David's school has a very diverse team. As in, it's not just a bunch of boys from the math department (though there are some boys from the math department). I love that Carver and Z got to see the competition, because I want them to know that high school is more than angst and football games. I think they're getting the picture. The robotics club is a great place for kids who go on to work as engineers, but also for kids who grew up loving Legos. Totally awesome.

Happy Monday to you!


Old Men Reflect said...

PLEASE. Geek- a -rama. But hey, from the guy who loved speed math competitions in high school.

Keep 'em going. May I suggest a summer of little theater?

Vivi said...

Proud mama. Way to go, Carver.

I love when coaches/teachers have that philosophy. Such a great way to get kids off to a good start and not afraid to try things...a certain 7 year old at my house would benefit greatly from that line of thinking.

Robotics...one small step away from a Star Trek Convention. :)

Bridget said...

totally awesome!