Book Review
Where have I been? Let me tell you... yesterday was 80 degrees and I was not about to waste all that lovely weather sitting in front of a computer. Plus the usual laundry and bills and errands. However, I have a great wrap up of our vacation and a book review for you, so here we go.

Vacation Day 5: we drove home. Yep. That's it. And we were so glad to get home. Car trips are wonderful, but sometimes the very best part is when you pull up to your house at the very end.

I recently read this book to Zinabu:

The book takes place in Chad, and the children build their school before starting lessons. It's a simple picture book suitable for all ages. We loved it, especially the part where the kids use a large pointing stick to point out letters on the blackboard. We have video of Z doing the very same thing at his orphanage school. At the end of the book, Z especially enjoyed the map of Africa. He loves maps. He had a lot of questions about why the kids didn't have a school to begin with. Why they were all in the same class. Why they were learning the alphabet. I completely loved the simple, colorful pictures and the story from another culture's perspective. Highly recommended for everyone!


Shonda said...

Thanks for the review. I will check it out.

Michele said...

I found this book at our local library a couple of months ago--I completely agree, it is fantastic! My daughter loved reading it over and over.