Do you ever wish you could collapse on the floor and rest? Well, dogs and two-year-olds can, lucky ducks! I can only dream about it. We are post spring break, which means we go into hyper drive. David's schedule is ballistic. It's indescribable. We won't really see much of him until the end of May. Carver is doing track at his school. I love that he is running but he has practice every day until 5:30. By the time we get him home, eat, do homework, practice instruments, and try to infuse a little family fun time, the day is long gone. Z and Lily have their own activities, which we just throw in like it's no big deal. The cost of gas is killing me, because I'm driving around more than ever. It's hard to conserve fuel when you have a middle-schooler and two other kids, as well. Such is life.

Absolutely no complaints, though. I love spending time with them all and seeing them thrive. I just wish we could add two or three more hours to each day.

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hotflawedmama said...

1) Our great dane literally makes a "thud" when he falls to the floor. Every time he does it I think "that's exactly how I feel". Looks so good and relaxing.

2) Gas is killing me too. Baseball season!

3) Wouldn't have it any other way. :)