We Had Ourselves A Merry Little Christmas
Just try to resist the cuteness!

Carver with his new bass guitar. A huge score off of Craigslist. Seriously.
If you ever need a musical instrument, start there.

Lily grinning about her new horse book. Carver is polishing off
homemade cinnamon rolls.

OK. Admittedly, this picture needs a lot of explanation, but I won't
go into all of it. It's David's "flaming" dessert. Aren't you jealous
you don't live in a house where your husband serves sugar on fire
to your children?

We had a very full day and a lot of joy. The only thing missing was snow, which the rest of the country seems to have in abundance. Today we are cutting back on treats and pajamas (which we've had in abundance) and we'll go play and run and say good-bye to 2010 with joy. Tomorrow night I get to meet Deirdre and Bridget for dinner in Denver, which is so exciting I can hardly describe it. I'll be sure to post photos. I hope you are full of joy, too, and that you look forward o 2011 as much as yours truly.


Deirdre said...

So cute! Looks like a good day—and really, what could go wrong when sugar, fire, and kids come together? Thanks for the warning about photos tomorrow night. I'll change out of my jammies before heading to the restaurant. Can't wait!

Bridget said...

Love all it....especially the part about meeting up tomorrow night!!! SO excited!

rebekah said...

As I pretended how it would be if I were there, I pictured us all laughing so hard we almost pee our pants. Almost.

Have lots of fun.

jayme said...

Have *so* much fun!

Shannon said...

hey, your kids are lucky! when i was growing up and grandma engstrom made that dessert, we kids weren't allowed to have it! we just got bowls of whipping cream so sweet it made your eyes water. (OK, so we wanted that bowl of whipped cream. but as an adult, i remember how sweet that stuff was and almost avoid putting any sugar at all in mine now.) :)