Bring It
Christmas vacation has officially begun. The kids are flying high from too much frosting at their various school parties, it's snowing outside, David is home, there is pizza strewn all over the counter, Adam Sandler's Happy Chanukah is being played, the dog is spinning in circles, and we have two whole weeks stretching before us with nothing on our calendars except a national holiday.

Thankfully I have almost all of my shopping done. However, I feel Lily will be sorely disappointed on Christmas morning. Take a look at her list that she has written out on the white board in her room:

The column on the right says:
Pets I want
pet store bird
small dog

The column on the left says:

I admit I scratched my head over "rodent" and practically fainted at "duck" and "pig." She is quite the dreamer, wouldn't you say?


hotflawedmama said...

She needs to come to camp for a week. We have all of those in spades. :)

Old Men Reflect said...

She has two of these, and she thinks about them as such most of the time:

Carver= "Pig"
Zinabu= "Rodent"

D said...

maybe she should make a list of pets she doesn't want.

or, alternatively, on Xmas morning you could say, "we *were* going to get you a turkey vulture...but it wasn't on the list, so..." :)

Vivi said...

Donkey it is.

Chatter said...

Your kids make me smile!!

jayme said...

I love her. Maybe she and I could go in together on a horse and a chicken. I would also add a goat to the list (to keep the horse company).

Lily's animal choices are actually pretty tame in comparison to Izzie's. She has asked for a shark. (yes, this is the kid who's afraid of dolphins. Apparently sharks are not scary at all in comparison. My kids are *so* weird)