He loves games.
I love games.
It's a match made in heaven.
He is also very smart. Very. He can beat me at chess. (Embarrassing.)
His favorite game is Sorry. He cackles with joy when he sends me back home. And wins.
David just taught him Yahtzee. It's going to ruin him. Turn him into a gambler.
But we'll have fun on the way.


Mark and Sarah said...

I love hearing about Zinabu. I started reading your blog soon after he came home and for a long time you blogged almost exclusively about him...and I came to love hearing about him. Now, almost 4 years (!!!) later, it's so fun to see how he's grown and what his preferences and gifts are. Such a silly, smart, crazy kiddo, it seems!

Old Men Reflect said...

This guy would love to learn how to become a magician.

If you love to win, you also love to fool people.

Chatter said...

Being a gamer myself this makes me smile! Zinabu looks so big in this photo (not that you want to hear that). I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!