Lily and best friend Bailey

Last week was Lily's Orchestra concert. I am well-seasoned in these, since Carver has been playing bass for 3 years. But it was Lily's first and she was very excited. Her orchestra teacher at her little elementary school is a saint. Truly. Can you imagine taking a bunch of boys and girls who are just learning their instruments and making an actual song come out of them? It boggles the human mind.

Turns out the piano accompanist that had helped in past years was no longer available, so they desperately needed a piano player. In stepped my mom. And then, there was no bass player. Could Carver possibly help them by playing in the concert? Sure! So Zinabu and I sat in the audience and half my family was up on stage. I'm not sure who had the most fun... mom, Lily, or Carver.

This week starts complete insanity around here. Between David's school, Carver's school, and Lily and Z's school, there is something going on every day of the week--morning, noon, and night. I don't mind, because it is just a season, and all the events are incredibly fun and exciting. We won't see much of David until winter vacation, but knowing that is just 2 weeks away, we can handle it. We will carve out time next Saturday to drive to the mountains and cut down our tree. But other than that, he is swamped. The man is a gem.

After weeks and weeks of illness, we have gone 5 whole days without anyone being sick. It's very thrilling. Gosh, do you think we might last another week too? Is that just way too much to hope for? I like to dream big.

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Mama Papaya said...

I heart this. How cool everyone could be there (and healthy) to support Lily.

With my musical abilities, I am really hoping for mathletes so I can do the same some day.