It's 9:05 on Monday morning and it has come to my attention that a shower may not be in the cards today. Which is especially pathetic considering I've been up since 6. A good part of my morning was spent digging through our depleted pantry and trying to come up with 3 lunches for the kids to take to school. (What is the nutritional value of pickled ginger, by the way? If they ate that with some crackers, does it count as a sandwich?) Lots of driving to school, which included trying to answer Zinabu's question of what time of day the roads on the north side of the neighborhood are busiest (someone help me!), and then a ton of paperwork/bill paying. I'm supposed to leave here in 30 minutes to help in Lily's classroom, and because I am choosing to blog rather than devote time to my personal hygiene... well, you get the picture. I just opened a bill from a doctor that we thought was covered by our insurance but it is not, and that just took the wind out of my sails. I also opened a letter from our sponsored child in Uganda, and he writes that he wishes he could hear from me more. GUILT!!!! My Christmas photo cards should be arriving in the mail any day now, which means having to do the work of mailing them out. It could be worse, though. I could be David, whose schedule is 6,000 times more awful than mine.

Trying to keep some perspective.


jayme said...


for the record, I believe that ginger (in all of its lovely forms) is the single thing that keeps me from ever getting sick. so yeah. You're just looking out for your childrens' health.

Vivi said...

Oh dear...you've still got some week left, girl. Hope the ginger tastes good and the shower feels even better.