Tonight, at my 59th orchestra concert of the season, I couldn't figure out why the guy next to us was giving me weird looks. Carver was onstage, my mom and Lily and David were listening to the music, and Zinabu was next to me, quietly looking at his book.

Then I glanced at the book. Oh yeah. Zinabu brought his snake book. The book with every snake in the world, facts about the snakes, and illustrations of their deadly attacks. The illustration was currently showing a viper attacking a farmer. Biting his neck. The farmer in agony. Deadly venom being pumped into his bloodstream. Awesome.

So take that, everybody. We like to go to music concerts and look at crazy venomous snakes and how they kill people. I dare you to sit next to us.

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Chatter said...

We have that exact same book. It's very graphic and when it showed up in the mail (for Conner at age 3) I called my sister and her asked her if she had actually looked at the pages. We had a good laugh.