The quickest way to write this post would be, "It's crazy around here." But where's the fun in that?

Here's the long version. You know when someone gets an organ transplant and they have to take loads of medicine and they're monitored closely in case their body "rejects" said organ? Well, I think my body is rejecting life right now. It's acting in odd ways. I pulled a clump of hair out of my head in the shower this morning, I have heartburn that my doctor told me "requires a prescription" (ominous, isn't it?), my appetite has not been seen since sometime last week, and I do things like forget to put on deodorant, so I am socially-repulsive by 4 pm.

There are 11 school days left in the school year, and then I somehow have to keep our house clean every waking moment. We've had some big issues with one of our kiddos lately, and I am starting to feel like I don't think I can parent anymore. Taking care of my kids has been a breeze compared to the roads we're going to embark on in the next few years. There's a big, bad, yucky world out there and I don't like it one bit. How do I navigate that? I mean, I used to worry about my kids not out-growing their new shoes too soon, and lately I've begun worrying about bullying, Internet porn, drugs, and shoplifting. Let's just say I'm not sleeping very well at night.

How do other parents do this?

David, bless his heart, gets the husband of the year award. I call him at random times throughout the day and leave him cryptic messages like, "Honey, I am really concerned about Lily being a perfectionist. What if she can't ever let herself make a mistake? What if she develops an eating disorder?" or some other such nonsense. He probably dreams of slipping me some Benadryl to mildly sedate me. And to think I actually want to add a 4th child to our family!

We had a lot of interest in the house the first 3 days it's been on the market. One couple seemed sure to put in an offer, but the husband felt that there wouldn't be enough storage here. Huh? What does he have, a yacht collection? Oops, there went another clump of hair. I best quit while I'm ahead.
Surgeon General's Warning: For a good laugh, go HERE.


Matthew said...

Oh hang in there...I feel your pain...but the house will sell, you will move and you'll look back and see all the little dots connected in that path! I will pray specifically that today will bring a couple good showings and this house will be off the market in the next few weeks!


Oh...just saw I'm logged on with my husband's account...smile

Vivi said...

Thinking about you today...major kid issues make everything else seem unimportant, yet you've got this HUGE house issue too...

Praying for a return of balance and hair clumps to remain in place.

hotflawedmama said...

and I thought ants were bad! Thinking of you...I'm thinking if the house sells you'll feel freer to throw yourself into new challenges of motherhood.

Ooh heartburn, that's the worst. If they give you prevacid take it! :)

Mark and Sarah said...

You've been on my mind lately, now I know why! Gosh, that house HAS to sell NOW, not a minute later. And wow, sorry about the parenting challenges, hopefully those settle themselves for at least a couple more years, it's too soon! hang in there...this too shall pass!

Anonymous said...

Mother's Day "Award of the Year" goes to Cathy!
Your children are well-adjusted, caring, creative, spontaneous, funny, beautiful, loved, nurtured, and steadily growing in Christ Jesus. All your prayers for them, training of them, and standing by them makes you Mother of the Year. Set Ayat

Old Men Reflect said...

Parenting can be fun if you don't have a kid like me.

By the way, you do.