The Dog Update
People (and you know who you are) keep giving me digs on Facebook about getting a dog for Lily. They send me photos and ideas and dog breed suggestions. The latest helpful advice was sent by Lauren (who really should know better!)

Go HERE to see what she exposed me to. Photos of a young girl getting a dog for her birthday. You can see she's totally shocked and overwhelmed with joy and starts crying with elation.

It kind of makes what we gave Lily for her birthday a little less... um... sweet. No dog, but a dog toy. The ball thrower.
At this point in our negotiations with Lily, I have pretty much given up on being able to name the dog Mr. Darcy--though I WILL call it that when Lily is not around. She has picked the name Arucho. What??? But I am still working on her to skip the puppy phase and get a Lab that is a year or two old. I understand the desire for a puppy, but I just don't want to live through that. So my plan is to wait until there is a good selection of Labs at the Humane Society and when the time is right, just take Lily there. I know for a fact she will not be able to leave the place without a dog, and the thought of a puppy will go right out the window.
Sorry. Bad parenting moment, there.


Shannon said...

That's not bad parenting - that's SMART parenting!! She gets her dog, and you keep your sanity. See? SMART. :)

steve said...

lauren linked me to this post... i obviously don't have good background info so i'll have to ask the question:

what's so bad about a puppy? it's only 6 months, then they're a normal dog, albeit a little more playful.

cathy said...

Oh Steve, such a simple question but I have my reasons. I guess it's because I've been a mom now for 10.5 years, and I've done countless hours of midnight wakings and diaper changes. After all those years, we are just now sleeping through the night regularly and enjoying our potty-trained kiddos. Getting a puppy would set me back a few years, and I'm just not eager to go there.

Old Men Reflect said...

Happy Mother's Day

Anne said...

Ha ha -- I think it's a brilliant plan! Maybe you should visit the shelter first and have them hide the Marley types in a secure location?