The last day of school was Friday, and Carver and Lily had a great day with their friends and teachers. Part of me hates the last day of school because it means my children are getting older and moving up to the next grade. Why do they grow so fast??? Memorial weekend for us was spent inside, as Colorado is having some unusual rainy weather. Lots of rain and cool temperatures. Since that rarely happens here we don't know what to do with ourselves! The buyers for our house have scheduled their inspection for Friday at noon. If that goes well, I think I can start breathing easier and continue packing. David still has loads of commitments for work and school, but at least his summer schedule will be easier than--well, easier than what it has been.
*51 days until Harry Potter opens in theaters.

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Vivi said...

They could not be cuter.

Hope the house inspection is a breeze with no surprises!