Put A Little Chicken Dance In Your Weekend

To say I'm exhausted would be putting it mildly. Keeping the house spotless is hard. Uber hard. There have been some not-so-pretty moments when I chased after the kids with cleaning wipes. We survived both open houses where we could not be home from 2 to 5 on Sat. and Sun. Saturday we were hosting Lily's birthday party at the roller skating rink. Sunday I wandered around town aimlessly with the kids. We got some playground time in and hit the library. Carver feels especially offended that we have to leave our house when strangers want to come look at it. He takes it personally. It would be amazing if we could find a buyer in the next few weeks because I'm not sure how long I can live like this.

Here's a video of part of the birthday fun. 10 points if you can find the Ethiopian on skates.


Bridget said...

I seriously feel your pain. Only with one 2 year old. It's insane!
We accepted an offer yesterday though! ONE week on the market! Wishing you the same speedy luck!

Vivi said...

Ugh - having a house on the market is brutal and I've only done it once and without kids, so I can only imagine how much hard it would be.

I'm embarassed to say I've done many-a-chicken dance - these kids looked like pros. :) Great bday party idea, by the way.