I'm wearing my favorite shirt today. I'm feeling lucky--which is ridiculous because I don't believe in luck. Today I need to find shorts for Lily. It's 87 degrees today and the child is wearing sweat pants because she's outgrown all her shorts and I couldn't bear to send her to school wearing something that rides up her bum. I also need to pick out light fixtures (prepare to be overwhelmed, Cathy), bathroom cabinets, mirrors, and towel bars. So instead of saving the world and eliminating hunger, I will be picking out towel bars.
Update on the buyers: divorced dad said no. Gee, you'd think in this day and age when parents are more and more permissive he would have just bought the house because the kids wanted it. But he was a dad with a backbone, which restores my faith in humanity. The other potential buyers, it turns out, looked at 9 houses on Sunday and ours was their favorite. Can you imagine looking at 9 houses in one day? I am exhausted just thinking about it. They are scheduled to look at more on Wednesday and Saturday. I can only hope they get so sick and tired of driving around and walking through strange homes they say, "Let's just buy the house we liked the most--the one where the mom has the lucky shirt."

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Stacy said...

ohhhh I am so hoping that you get an appropriate offer, it goes through and you can focus on summer fun!