Warning: Not-So-Happy-Cathy Posting Today

Not-so-happy-Cathy is also interchangeable but not limited to Eats-Too-Many-Carbs-Cathy and Utterly-Sleep-Deprived Cathy, as well as What-On-Earth-Was-I-Thinking-Having-3-Kids-Cathy and Screw-You-People-I'm-Out-Of-Here-Cathy. But today let's just stick with not so happy. This was the week it all came crashing down. The distressing reality that motherhood does NOT get easier with each passing year. Rather, it just gets harder. Seriously. I thought those baby and toddler years were the ultimate challenge, but alas I was so, so wrong. Now that I have three kids who are in the "middle" years, I find myself more and more ill-equipped for what they throw at me, what happens on any given day (example: one child yelling that another child locked them out of the house), and how I am supposed to meet their individual needs over and over again.

So even though I really should be reading some kind of self-help parenting book right now, I chose to use my time in a strictly idiotic way--reenacting "the tantrum."

Exhibit A: you know you're about to hear something you disagree with, so you look extremely disinterested and pretend to be staring at a spot on the wall.

Exhibit B: The eye roll. You hear your mom or dad giving you constructive criticism or some kind of important life lesson, and you show them by rolling your eyes (repeatedly) that you really could not care less.

Exhibit C: The tears. Also accompanied by yelling and howling. Usually after the eye roll when you realize there is a punishment accompanying the above life lesson. A full blown fit if it's a really bad punishment.

Exhibit D: The "I am not speaking to you anymore" look. It is the only weapon left in the child's arsenal, but they use it very effectively and it reduces many parents to jell-o. At this point the parent has to stick with everything they've just laid out, despite the fact that the child is staring daggers at them.

Exhibit E: Parent goes to the kitchen to stuff their face with comfort food and tries to talk them self off the ledge of giving up entirely.

Now repeat that cycle weekly--and on a REALLY bad day, multiple times.
Why do you think I blog? It's my only safe outlet.


Chatter said...

Cathy, I need a little more encouragement here :). Baby no.3 will be here very shortly. Seriously though, it's motherhood. Good days, bad days, happy & sad. I didn't know what I was getting myself into (even though I had 10 siblings). Hold on tight and hang in there. A good day should be coming soon! BIG hugs!
p.s. Comfort food has been my saving grace on NUMEROUS occasions. It's a very important part of survival.

Anne said...

Why don't you escape and come over to my house for some tea and ice cream?

Hope tomorrow is a MUCH better day! Keep in mind: they will move away someday. Really, they will. :)

Heather & Adam said...

Okay, Not-So-Happy-Cathy is ALSO interchangable with Make-Heather-Laugh-Really-Hard-Cathy...I mean, I am in no way trivializing your pain, but really, you are too cute!
Wow, is it a preview of the dreaded Teenage Years? Quick, have another little bitty baby so you can relive the "too little to be pissed at you" phase! Hehe...
Seriously, I hope it gets better soon. Those life lessons will mean a lot to them someday. We all did that same routine to OUR parents, only to years later realize...they were right after all. ;)

hotflawedmama said...

yeah i agree, kinda hilarious. but sometimes, some moments it..just...sucks. but then you put them to bed and catch them telling each other they love each other and it makes things even slightly better. :)

Deirdre said...

Oh, Cathy, I'm sorry your kids aren't recognizing you for the incredible mom that you are! I have to say, though, it's reassuring for me to hear you express some frustration with parenting. Sometimes when I'm ready to tear my hear out, I think of you and say, "How on earth does she do it with THREE and keep a constantly sunny disposition!" You're inspiring, even in the tough times.

Mrs. Baker said...

Oh yes how I know....

Little One is 13...and has mastered all of these techniques and continues to get worse....she has started acting out in a way I never even knew she could.

Just yesterday Habi pinches her and she pinches Habi back....

Not good.

They both are screaming at one another and I think...

wait ONE of you in 3 and one is 13....it has most certainly been a challenge...and well she hates me most days...what can you do?

I understand...we are here any time you need to vent!

Mrs. B

Kari said...

LOL! You crack me up and scare the crap out of me at the same time! I don't want to think that it can get worse. AGH!!!!!

Sorry that there have been some rough days. Glad to see that you had fun at the zoo though!