Summer is finally here. And I mean FINALLY! It is 84 degrees today--with gale force winds, but I'll take it. It was 45 yesterday with drizzle. Honestly, people, Colorado in the springtime will just about put you over the edge. And then all of a sudden, it's hot and you can finally put the jackets away.

The past few days I've been entertaining 5 children, as my friend Ali and her husband are in Cancun. Am I a good friend, or what? We had 2 of her kiddos here for 3 days and I tell you it was one assembly line after another between meals, brushing teeth, getting dressed, etc. Today I am back to just my brood, and we celebrated by hitting a huge park and splash fountain that's free and fun and makes Carver forget he's 9 going on 15.

Here are some photos from our camping trip. Did I mention it was cold?

Lily and Z rock climbing

Zinabu talking and yakking away as usual.

Carver and me trying to stay warm.

*Diana: it goes without saying we are eager, eager, eager to see you in MN. soon. But I thought I'd say it anyway. Toodles.

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Deirdre said...

Ooh, can I drop my kids off with you while I go to Cancun? Or just the grocery store??

Camping looks fun, if chilly. I need to pick your brain one of these days about camping with kiddos. At what age does it become fun?