List of 10

10. The number of books I have piled on my nightstand and am trying to read. Could this be the root of some of my issues? Trying to do too much? Hmmmm...
9. Nine o' clock. My favorite bedtime--for me.

8. The number of recipes I want to make in this book, but I am too intimidated by how pretty she is. Should someone who eats that much pasta be this beautiful??? Not fair!
7. The number of apples I have in the fridge right now. That should last us about 3 days.
6. Number of years left until Carver can apply for a driver's permit. Just kill me now.
5. I have 5 sisters-in-law.
4. Number of people who are expecting babies very soon--Anne, Chandra, Deirdre, and Heather.
3. In the last 24 hours, the number of people who have told me they are pregnant! (This has to be some kind of record!) K., A., and C.
2. Only two more days of school left!!!!
1. One very quirky behavior of mine... I actually love watching cartoons with my kids. It's hard for me to get things done when I allow them TV time because I want to watch, too.


Chatter said...

I like this post. Very creative! 3 preggo people in 24 hours? That does have to be some sort of record.

Heather & Adam said...

I can't wait to start seeing all these teeny babies! You think people will secretly go from blog to blog to see which one is the cutest? You know they will...Haha.
The pasta girl is so airbrushed it's not even legal, btw. ;)

Old Men Reflect said...

Have met the pasta girl. Looks better in person. Sorry

Mount Cutler said...

I'm excited to preggos for sure and hopefully I am one of the three that you counted! :)