Happy Again

So if you dared to return to my blog after that last whine-a-thon, then more power to you. I appreciate the encouragement... And I have to say that it's not terrible here. Just some days can be more psycho challenging than others and it doesn't take much to turn me to a blob of insecurity. We had a great weekend with hot weather--which included a track meet, popsicles, the wading pool, planning a camping trip, books, tag, and all the other things that make childhood fun.

On Friday I joined Lily's class for a field trip to the zoo. Our zoo here in town is pretty rockin'--with very hands-on exhibits and kid-friendly environments. Here are a few photos.

Lily feeding the budgies.

The aroma in one of the buildings was a bit too much for Z.

If Lily could have taken one home, she would have.

The zoo is actually set in the mountains. When we left, we drove past a resort and golf course and saw this!

Please notice the golf cart in the background. I think the men were actually a little peeved that they had to abandon their game. Also note the WIRE FENCE between me and the bears. And if you listen, you can hear Z whisper, "They're so BIG." He was putting no faith in the wire fence.

Not bad for a field trip!


Orrange said...

you're right , the zoo down there rocks! we love it.

Heather & Adam said...

Who needs a zoo? Freaking bears, are you kidding me?? The pictures are awesome. Glad happy days are here again! :)

Chatter said...

Don't feel bad about the previous post. Motherhood is hard! And we need to share that with each other so we don't feel so alone when we are having crappy mom days.

That's so cool you saw bears!

Old Men Reflect said...

Dude, animals and kids are only different in that animals show some kind of sympathy to the older animals.