Blast It!

Those Wiggles and their Australian accents! I have just had the 3,000th conversation with Zinabu that the song that sounds like "Wiggly Potty" is actually "Wiggly Party." Its just that with their accents they don't say the "r." Zinabu has lectured and lectured me about potty talk, and I have found myself in a debate with him (remember, he's 4) way too many times.

I'm off to chuck some music out the window.


Mama Papaya said...

Is it wrong that I taught Figs that the words were somewhat interchangeable? The kid throws her hands up and declares, "potty, potty, potty all da time" on the way to tinkle.

rebekah said...

quinn has altered the 'I want to be a man cub, man cub' song from the jungle book to 'I want to be a man come, man come.' it's awful, beyond so, such that we can't even laugh we're so shocked.

(and one of the first things I taught him was a naughty word to call prez bush, so you know my tolerance is pretty high)