A Whole Lot of Normal
I need to regroup once in a while and remember that a little over 3 months ago, little Z was living in an orphanage in Africa. He is such a normal child, with normal needs and wants, normal tantrums, normal sleep patterns (thank the Lord) and an above normal sense of humor. I know there are people who probably think there continues to be lots of drama in our house, but there really isn't. Z just loves life, loves our family, and loves being a kid. Of course I am always hyper-sensitive to attachment issues, and I play a little detective every day--looking for clues that Z is as all right emotionally and mentally as he's letting on. So far so good. I take it each day at a time, and each day is a blessing. Such an incredible blessing. Being his mom is like fireworks--lots of ooooohs and aaaaahs and appreciating the spectacular.

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Chandra said...

That's so wonderful the attachment is going so well. Maybe one day we will be ready to adopt an older child; your story and experience gives me hope (along with many others). Z is an absolute doll!